Vulpes Corsac

Our Story

Textiles have always been one of the most ambitious faculties of self-expression and production in Pakistan. With our seemingly opulent past, the contemporary fashion industry has grown extremely lackluster. When mass production and profit became the primary concerns for brands, instead of intuitively dressing up the average individual, the market has become stunted and the potential for apparel in Pakistan is stagnating. The average consumer is no more concerned with dressing to appealing, and that provides hindsight into the nation’s idea of how they project their image to the world. Vulpes Corsac seeks to change that.

Est. 2020        8 Designers       local Delivery

The name is Latin for the Corsac Fox, which is native to central and northeast Asia. Folklore describes foxes as intelligent creatures that serve as messengers to those they favor. Our brand strives to serve as a messenger to the general public, in order to rekindle the stagnant and dying flames of self-expression. We’ve researched what’s already out there. We know what stylish people were already wearing globally, and re-interpreted it versatile wardrobe staples even more practical and accessible to the Pakistani consumer.

The meticulous and high quality of the basics line is highly reflected in out streetwear lines, which makes them the obvious attractive next choice for a shopper. Our brand vows to cater to both the tame and the flamboyant. Designs range from intricate to minimalist, with something for everyone. This is very inline with the brand’s core message of styling inclusivity. Each piece is subjected through a rigorous inspection before it even hits production.

Vulpes Corsac aims to make the brand as accessible to the general public as possible. For that purpose, the brand is investing in two camps of style

● High-quality Basics/Athleisure
● Equally well made Streetwear.

Athleisure stands as a unique blend of stylized basics that are geared towards athletics but can also be worn casually every day. The design is minimalist, with more focus towards fabric quality and intuitive stitching. But that is not all, and we are only scraping the surface of our potential. The brand has lined up designers boasting an impressive capability to produce high-quality designs.

Streetwear is particularly limited to a few underground camps, our brand intends to make it into one of our highlights. The high quality of the basics and the unique and original elements of our streetwear makes us the complete package.


Curating Street Style

Streetwear is a very malleable form of self-expression. The very reason behind this is that classical fashion-houses were geared towards a strict sense of style that reflected a person’s class alone. Streetwear moves away from that tradition and focuses on representing the individual alone. This is what makes it so special. It allows a person to be as unique as they want, and allowing them to achieve that is our job. Vulpes Corsac wants to provide people with the necessary tools that facilitate them in their pursuit of street style. Our pieces are incredibly versatile and can be paired with multiple outfits which allows a person to make them truly their own.

The Fabric

Vulpes emphasizes on clean finishes and comfortable design. Our selection of fabric ranges from

  • Pure Cotton,
  • Polyester,
  • Thermal,
  • Nylon,
  • Woolen,
  • with even the incorporation of fabrics underrated when it comes to casual-wear such as velvet.

The brand tries to work with an open mind and create a unique blend of materials that are comfortable, breathable, and last long. Each fabric is of export quality and is precisely stitched after firm research. This quality will be ubiquitous throughout each item we will produce, as our promise is to deliver nothing but the finest to our customers. The average worker at Vulpes Corsac has tons of experience in the industry, and they know exactly what they’re doing.

Building Our Name

Vulpes Corsac wants to go hand in hand with its demographic, and establish campaigns with influencers ranging throughout social media. This isn’t just for the sake of marketing. Vulpes want to build a thriving culture. A culture of dressing up and presenting yourself with confidence and style. We have our mind set on cultivating an undying love for streetwear in our consumers, one that’ll last and inspire generations.

Future Strides

As a small brand, as soon as we have built our reputation, we want to focus on experimenting and improving and keep making the next best thing and to innovate. The new-new is just a stepping stone away yet but a few have the guts to that extra step. We at Vulpes Corsac are those few. After achieving success locally, we want to grow our brand beyond our borders and curate a unique and distinct Pakistani Street-Style for the rest of the world as well. Our culture is rich and filled with motifs that deserve appreciation globally, and Vulpes Corsac wants to be the catalyst for its inception.

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